Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How can I change password of databse user 'DBSNMP'?

  1. Remove all Jobs and Events currently registered against this database.
  2. Stop the Intelligent Agent

    Oracle7 / 8i % lsnrctl dbsnmp_stop
    Oracle9i / 10g / 11g % agentctl stop

  3. Edit the $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/snmp_rw.ora file. Add the following parameter:
    The variable is the exact listing of the database name as it appears in the snmp_ro.ora file. If is the default (DBSNMP), there is no need to specify the user here. Only the password is required.
    On UNIX, set the following permission on the "SNMP_RW.ORA" file:%chmod 600 snmp_rw.ora
  4. Change the DBSNMP password on the database. You can use either Security Manager, Sqlplus, or Server Manager. If you use SQLPlus or Server Manager, you can issue the following command:

    SQL> alter user "dbsnmp" identified by "newpassword";

  5. Stop and restart the Intelligent Agent.

What does I can do after logging in user DBSNMP in Oracle?

The Oracle Intelligent Agent requires a database logon for each SID that it manages.


The user name and/or password should be changed from the default but you will need to make a few additional modifications. It Supports Oracle SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).