Saturday, September 3, 2011

What are the major difference between Oracle9i and Oracle10g?

Oracle 9i has the following new features: 

  1. Direct XML database support.
  2. Oracle Data Guard and enhancements.
  3. New data sharing and replication features.
  4. Compresses keys in tables when loading data.
  5. Security Improvements.
  6. Manage system table spaces locally.
  7. Automated DBA.
Oracle 10g has following new features:
  1. New drop database and alter database begin backup syntax.
  2. Oracle 10g Data Guard Broker and RAC to support Redo Log Transport.
  3. SQL apply feature and regular expression support.
  4. Supports HTML database.
  5. Recycle bin for storing objects and new purge command.
  6. SYSAUX table space and rename table space command.
  7. Automated Storage Management (ASM).
  8. Automatic Workload Repository (AWR).
  9. Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)
  10. PLS_INTEGER, a new data type was added which enhances performance. ANYDATA data type was introduced to hold a data of variant feature.